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It is a complex problem in the eye where the optic nerve gets weakened and ultimately leads to blindness. It is usually associated with high pressure in the eye.

There are various types. The common variety is the primary open angle glaucoma which is perhaps the most dangerous as well. It is dangerous because the patient does not experience any problems: no pain, no redness, no watering. Even the visual defect is initially in the peripheral field of vision so that he is not aware of it.

The only way to diagnose glaucoma is to have a thorough check up by an eye specialist. He will check the eye pressure and look at the optic nerve head. If needed he will advise a check of the field of vision do a special scan of retina (O.C.T.). Checking pressure alone is not sufficient as one may have glaucoma even without a high pressure (normal tension glaucoma).

If you are above 40, have a check up. You are welcome to contact us : we will be happy to examine your eyes for glaucoma and manage.


ENTROPION : This is a condition where the lid margin gets inverted so that the eye lashes rub against the eye ball causing irritation.

Contact us for surgical correction.

ECTROPION: Here the lid margin gets everted (margin gets turned out).

Contact us for correcting the condition.

PTOSIS : Here the eye does not open adequately. Eyes are droopy and it looks small. This is usually due to weakness of the muscle which pulls up the lid ( Levator palpebrae superioris). Correctible.

DERMATOCHALAZIS: Excess skin being present in the eye lids. Sometimes cosmetically unacceptable; if it is severe, it comes in the way of vision. It is surgically correctable and the surgery can be done here.


Long standing diabetes can cause destructive changes in the back part of the eye (Retina). This is called Diabetic Retinopathy. Strict control of diabetes is helpful to delay the onset of this blinding disease. The doctor may advise you to have some tests like FFA (fundus fluorescein angiogram) and O.C.T. scan to help him to think of the correct treatment.

At a certain stage of Retinopathy, retina may have to be lasered to protect the eye from bleeding and other destructive changes. Advanced cases may need injections within the eye (into vitreous) and even vitreoretinal surgery.

If you are a diabetic, we recommend that you have your eyes checked regularly.


This may be due to irritation (due to foreign body within the eye, inflammation or infection).

Or it may be due to defective drainage of the tear fluid. This usually requires a surgical intervention.


This is a triangular fleshy growth of the conjunctiva onto the cornea. If it grows upto the centre of the cornea and obscures the pupil, vision gets impaired. Pterygium is treated surgically.

If you have any of these common challenges, our expert team of Specialists would be glad to assist you. Please visit us for a review

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