Keyhole Cataract Surgery


What is Cataract?
The lens inside the eye is normally transparent. When it becomes cloudy or opaque it is called CATARACT.

What is the Treatment?
In early stages, vision may improve with glasses. But usually the cloudiness progresses so that you will require surgical removal of the cataract and replacement with a clear artificial lens (Intra Ocular Lens : IOL ).

Is complete restoration of vision guaranteed after Surgery?
If cataract is the only problem in the eye you will get back all the vision you had previously. But there are other parts of the eye. If in case there is some issue with another part of the eye (like cornea, retina, vitreous, etc), the vision you get may not be as much. In other words, you will get back whatever you lost because of development of cataract, and the vision you get back will depend on the condition of the other parts of the eye.

Are there different types of lenses (IOLs)?
Yes, there are. A rigid lens needs a bigger cut (incision) in the eye for introducing. A foldable lens can go through a very small incision. A foldable lens is preferable (smaller the incision, faster and better is the recovery).

After insertion of a monofocal IOL you will have to wear glasses for reading. The power of the IOL can be adjusted so that you can read without glasses: but then you will have to wear glasses for distance. You can’t have both distant and near vision without glasses with monofocal IOL.

There is another variety called multifocal IOL. With this kind of IOL Implantation you can have both almost complete distant and near vision without glasses. Dependence on glasses will be much less than with monofocal IOL.

Sometimes, cataract is associated with astigmatism due to curvature differences of the cornea. To a certain extent, we can correct by modifying incisions. But significant amount of astigmatism can be corrected only with TORIC IOLs.

Write to us. We shall try and guide you which kind of lens is most suitable for you.

Will I have to wear glasses after cataract surgery with IOL ? After surgery of an advanced cataract, there will be significant improvement in vision immediately after surgery in most cases. However, for fine vision glasses are usually required. If you opt for multifocal / toric lens, need for glasses will be much less or nil.

Is surgery painful? No, modern cataract surgery is painless. With drops or injection the eye is made numb before starting surgery. General anaesthesia is not required except for children.

Please contact us for answers to any more specific questions.

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